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Nepal's 10 Most Expensive Schools

There is no doubt that Primary education plays a vital role in the development of foundation for children's future. Parents are willing to send their kids to expensive schools without taking into concern the high tuition fees. Rising Per capita income and remittance inflow in Nepal has enabled a majority of Nepalese citizens to afford a private education for their children. It is even considered to be a disgrace to have to go to a government school in Nepal because of the low quality education. Does this mean expensive schools provide a better and higher quality education? Maybe or maybe not; but they can definitely rip you off. Would you like to know the most expensive schools in Nepal? Below is the list of Nepal's Top 10 Most Expensive Schools.

1. Lincoln School

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Location: Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu

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Lincoln School situated at Rabi Bhawan is the most expensive school in the Valley and also in Nepal. It charges US $ 6,500 for admission and US $ 1,900 as Annual fee. It has annual tuition fees of US $ 6,040 for Pre-School, US $ 17,095 for Elementary School, US $ 18,860 for Middle School and US $ 20,775 for High School. ​




Lincoln School  offers a program geared toward mainstream students who will eventually attend university, whether in the United States or elsewhere. The American style curriculum seeks to remain abreast of current educational theory and practice while including host country studies and field study opportunities as appropriate.  Computer, music, art, and physical education are part of every child’s educational program with French, Spanish, and Personal Wellness also offered to middle and high school students. ESL is a critical component of the LS program, since the vast majority of students speak English as a second or third language. High school offerings include AP classes.

Source: Lincoln School, Kathmandu 

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